What’s new?

Ask anyone at EnP, “What’s new with EnP Turf?” and watch them grin. They cannot wait to tell you.

While there are several new formulas in the EnP Turf line this season, one of the groundbreaking technologies is Nutri-Synergy.

What is Nutri-Synergy?
Nutri-Synergy technology is a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer that protects certain nutrient ions from interactions, antagonisms, and tie up in the soil.

Nutri-Synergy’s primary job is to ensure that the nutrients applied to the soil remain in a plant-available form—preventing interaction with other nutrients in the soil and from hydrogen and hydroxide ions. It is composed of a patented blend of chelating agents and is made through a highly refined manufacturing process.

The image below illustrates the unavailable nutrients present in soil without Nutri-Synergy on the left, and the complexed, plant-available nutrients protected by Nutri-Synergy on the right.

Nutri-Synergy Tech Sheet-1

Product Benefits
• Increases nutrient uptake by 20-30%
• Ensures predictable nutrient availability
• Improves nutrient performance at lower use rates
• Reduces nutrient waste and the need for additional nutrient inputs because Nutri-Synergy unlocks the tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil, turning them into plant usable nutrition
• Completely biodegradable and will not accumulate in the environment
• Prevents nutrient-to-nutrient interactions and chemical changes in the spray tank and the soil
• Acting as a buffer, Nutri-Synergy can be used in high pH and hard water

How does it work?
Nutri-Synergy is a biodegradable, high molecular weight structure that has an extremely high density of negative charges. These negative charges gently complex positively charged metals, keeping them in solution and delivering them to the roots for uptake in the turf.

Nutri-Synergy seeks out the positively charged ions in the soil and surrounds them—ultimately sharing electrons with them and creating a bond. This bond prevents their interaction with other negatively charged ions, such as phosphorus and sulfur, and prevents chemical changes in the soil. This allows the nutrients to remain in plant-available forms and increase the uptake efficiency of the nutrients.

In high pH soils, positively charged nutrients might interact with negatively charged hydroxide ions and become insoluble precipitates—making them unavailable for plant uptake by the turf. Nutri-Synergy guards against nutrient precipitation, or chemical changes, and protects essential nutrients.

The result is increased nutrient uptake by 20 to 30 percent and the following plant health benefits:

• Deeper, stronger root systems
• Healthier, more resilient plants
• Better playability and quicker recovery
• Faster and longer lasting green up

Download the Nutri-Synergy tech sheet

We are launching four liquid products this spring featuring Nutri-Synergy technology.

Nutri-Synergy P is a 3-12-2 analysis protected by Nutri-Synergy to increase phosphorus uptake and efficiency by up to 30%. Download the Nutri-Synergy P product brochure

Nutri-Synergy K is a 0-0-24 analysis protected by Armament to increase potassium uptake and efficiency by up to 30%. Download the Nutri-Synergy K product brochure

Nutri-Synergy KMg is a 0-0-5 analysis with 2.5% magnesium and 4.5% sulfur. These nutrients are important for photosynthesis, plant health, and the synthesis of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Nutri-Synergy technology protects them from adverse interactions in the soil and water, delivering stable nutrients to the plant’s roots. Download the Nutri-Synergy KMg product brochure

Nutri-Synergy Bio is a 2-0-2 analysis protected by Nutri-Synergy, with a combination of plant and soil enhancers designed to produce more vigorous, resilient plants that are able to defend against disease, insects, environmental stresses and heavy traffic. Download the Nutri-Synergy Bio product brochure

Nutri-Synergy ZnB

Also this spring, EnP Turf will release the Nutri-Synergy technology as a granular fertilizer coating. Nutri-Synergy ZnB is a spray-on technology that improves granular fertilizer efficiency by complexing nutrients and protecting them from adverse interactions in the soil. The fertilizer coating contains 0.5% boron and 4% zinc, nutrients that are crucial for cell-wall development and root growth. Download the Nutri-Synergy ZnB product brochure

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