Socialmedia Roundup 2

Social Media Roundup

The Foliar-Pak product line offers solutions to prevent plant stress, accelerate turfgrass establishment, enhance soil biology, and encourage controlled growth. But don’t just take our word for it. Foliar-Pak users aren’t shy, and many of them have shared their results on Twitter. Take a peek at some of this season’s tweets from Foliar-Pak users.

@ScottSparks15 at Wolf Laurel Country Club in Mars Hill, NC shared this Tweet on July 7:

“6-8 inch roots in 50 year old push up greens. @FoliarPak doing its thing, thanks @mshileman”

@mshileman from North Carolina Tweeted on July 6:

“Four weeks post sod at Panthers stadium and looking amazing. 2 apps of @FoliarPak Grow-in (8oz) w @EnPTurf Zeta Plex Ca & High Drive (3oz).”

@JamieMehringer, President of J&D Turf in Central Indiana Tweeted on July 20:

“It needs a cut, but good progress on the #Northbridge Bermuda grass sprigs over the last 30 days thanks to @FoliarPak Grow-In. #SmartTurf”

@werthashot, regional agronomist at Advanced Turf Solutions, Tweeted this picture of a customer’s results on July 27:

“@FoliarPak @AdvancedTurf Foliar-Pak doing its job in late July on Old Hickory CC’s greens Bio 12-6-6 & Holganix PB-1!”

@wrenchmaster15 in Kentucky Tweeted this on July 14:

“PB1 w/ Vivax, 26-0-6 w/GrowIn on the Bermuda, ready for the weekend. @kysmitty5 @FoliarPak @ATSSportsTurf @Thegreeniron @HolganixGolf”

These are just a hand full of Tweets from Foliar-Pak users. Thank you to all who have shared your results on social media! We truly appreciate your support. Keep the Tweets coming, and we’ll keep sharing them.

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