ZetaPlex Grow 40

Zeta∡Plex® Grow 40

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Product Description

Zeta∡Plex Grow 40 is a highly concentrated, engineered blend of specific amino acids for increased nitrogen fixation, chlorophyll production, energy production, and the production of anti-stress compounds.

Better Stress Tolerance

With a focused package of specific amino acids, Zeta∡plex Grow 40 provides the amino inputs necessary to increase production of key anti-stress osmolytes such as gamma-aminobutyric acid and proline that are loaded into the vacuole of the plant. With an increase in nitrogen fixation and chlorophyll production, the plant can utilize nitrogen more efficiently.

Improved Uptake and Utilization

Zeta∡plex Grow 40 facilities greater uptake of nutrients and chemicals through two ways: directly complexing them and moving them through the vacuole and by loading up metabolites in the stomatal guard cells, keeping the stomatal pores open and increasing the uptake efficiency of foliar-applied products. This increases the efficiency of many tank mix chemistries.

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11.2 lbs