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Product Description

  • Talon Nutrient Pak provides foliar delivery of key nutrients that promote improvement in overall plant health and stress tolerance. Under many soil and environmental conditions these nutrients are difficult for turf to obtain from soil reserves.
  • At low use rates this bio-based formulation can be used as a valuable source of readily available micronutrients and plant extracts. Talon Nutrient Pak targets cell division, chlorophyll formation, increased nutrient mobility and utilization, while improving metabolism of carbohydrates and nitrogen.
  • Talon Nutrient Pak is designed to provide superior color and active turf growth. Higher rate applications result in
    bolstered plant activity which is particularly beneficial for spring green-up, aeration recovery and re-growth after periods of stress.
  • Talon Nutrient Pak can be tank mixed with ProVita or Nautico Verde for greater biological enhancement and more
    balanced turf recovery.

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9.2 lbs