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ProVita 4-0-1

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Product Description

ProVita 4-0-1 is a comprehensive biostimulant formulation specific to increasing rooting and stress tolerance by helping the plant build more vitamins. Vitamin C, D and E are crucial antioxidants which help the plant defend itself during stress. Plants that can build these antioxidants efficiently will remain healthier.

Consequently, ProVita will help maintain more balanced growth, color and rooting under difficult conditions such as high temperatures, extreme drought, high salinity, low mowing heights, high traffic, and disease pressures.

ProVita should be used as a foundation product for most foliar =nutrition programs. The ingredients in ProVita will help to:

• Increase Stress Tolerance
• Reduce Localized Dry Spots
• Promote Root Growth
• Increase Color, Quality, and Turf Density
• Enhance Nutrient Uptake
• Enhance Soil Biological Activity
• Reduce Need for Watering
• Improve Seed Germination

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9.2 lbs