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Nutri-Synergy® K

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Nutri-Synergy K protects nutrients from adverse interactions in the soil, which render them unavailable, while increasing potassium uptake and efficiency by as much as 30%.

Nutri-Synergy is a biodegradable, high molecular weight structure that has an extremely high density of negative charges. These negative charges gently complex positively charged metals, keeping them in solution and delivering them to the roots for uptake in the turf.

Nutri-Synergy seeks out the positively charged ions in the soil and surrounds them—ultimately sharing electrons with them and creating a bond. This bond prevents their interaction with other negatively charged ions, such as phosphorus and sulfur, and prevents chemical changes in the soil. This allows the nutrients to remain in plant-available forms and increase the uptake efficiency of the nutrients.

Nutri-Synergy K is a high performance potassium supplement that promotes turf health by offering the following advantages:

  • Provides high analysis liquid potassium that can be effectively tank mixed with other nutrients and wetting agents.
  • Ensures predictable nutrient availability.
  • Reduces nutrient waste and the need for additional nutrient inputs because Nutri-Synergy unlocks the tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil, turning them into plant usable nutrition.
  • Acting as a buffer, Nutri-Synergy K can be used in high pH and hard water.

Important Nutrient Functions:

  • Controls translocation of carbohydrates
  • Integral to protein synthesis
  • Controls plant osmotic relations

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