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Engineered and natural biological enhancers work in synergy to increase soil microbial activity, maximize root structure, and optimize nutrient uptake. Nutri-Synergy Bio is a powerful combination of plant and soil enhancers designed to produce more vigorous, resilient plants that are able to defend against disease, insects, environmental stresses and heavy traffic.

  • Seaweed, humic acids, molasses, amino acids, and sugar alcohols support the proliferation and natural soil diversity.
    Nutri-Synergy increases soil nutrient availability while natural complexors and chelators deliver nutrients effectively to the roots.
  • Amino acids, seaweed and vitamins synchronize with Fe, Mg, N, and Mn that are taken up by the plant to drive chlorophyll production and increase photosynthesis, creating more plant energy.
  • Natural carbon components—seaweed, humic acids, and amino acids—contribute to physiological changes that promote better root density and functioning and more efficient nutrient utilization, photosynthesis, and protein production.
  • Nutri-Synergy Bio reduces nutrient waste and the need for additional nutrient inputs because it unlocks the tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil, turning them into plant usable nutrition.

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