ZetaPlex Liquid Trace

Zeta∡Plex® Liquid Trace

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Multi-Protected Micronutrients

Zeta∡Plex Liquid Trace is a brand new formulation using natural and modified plant metabolites specific for protecting each element. Each plant metabolite performs well in its own niche. The low-molecular-weight plant metabolites allow for movement through the stomatal pores and trans-cuticular pores; the high-molecular weight modified plant metabolite chelates the micronutrients for secondary uptake via the soil. This engineered redundancy ensures rapid uptake for the turf in all growing conditions.

Zeta∡plex Liquid Trace is a high performance nutrient supplement that promotes turf health by offering the following advantages:

  • Liquid Trace can be effectively used to correct micronutrient deficiencies and is especially useful on turf grown in sand-based soil mediums.
  • Liquid Trace provides nutrients that promote better photosynthesis.
  • A calculated dose of seaweed extract is included to enhance rooting, delay plant senescence, and fortify the plant’s stress defense system.
  • Focused amino acid package increases photosynthetic efficiency, prolongs life of chloroplasts, and produces antistress compounds.

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