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Product Description

Bullseye Iron yields outstanding residual color, increased nutrient uptake, and improved overall plant health.

Product Benefits:

  • Bullseye Iron provides timely delivery of iron to the turf through both foliar and root absorption.
  • Bullseye Iron contains plant available amino acids that significantly increase nutrient uptake and utilization. Amino acids help the plant maintain proper metabolic functions, giving it a unique health advantage.
  • Bullseye Iron provides outstanding residual color.
  • Bullseye Iron feeds and stimulates the microbial populations.
  • Application rates for Bullseye Iron are much lower compared to traditional iron micronutrient products.  At 10 to 14 oz. per acre, one 2.5 gallon container will treat the same area as one 30 gallon drum of other products.

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10.1 lbs