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Zeta∡Plex® Calcium

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Product Description

Triple Protected Calcium

Zeta∡Plex Calcium is a brand new formulation using three natural and modified plant metabolites specific for protecting calcium. Each plant metabolite performs well in its own niche. The low-molecular-weight plant metabolites allow for movement through the stomatal pores and trans-cuticular pores; the high molecular weight modified plant metabolite chelates the calcium for secondary uptake via the soil. This engineered redundancy ensures rapid uptake for the turf in all growing conditions.

Zeta∡Plex Calcium is a high performance foliar fertilizer that provides excellent turf health by offering the following advantages:

  • Calcium improves plant tolerance to disease and stress while enhancing plant stem strength.
  • Focused amino acid package increases photosynthetic efficiency, prolongs life of chloroplasts, and produces antistress compounds.
  • Multiple complexors and chelators provide a dramatic increase in uptake efficiencies.


1.5 fl oz = 0.01 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft
2 fl oz = 0.013 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft
3 fl oz = 0.018 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft
4 fl oz = 0.024 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft
5 fl oz = 0.030 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft
6 fl oz = 0.036 lbs Ca per 1000 sq ft

Additional Information

Ca Per Gallon

0.78 lbs



Weight Per Gallon

11.3 lbs