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12-4-6 Bio

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Product Description

12-4-6 Bio Based Fertilizer offers balanced nutrition from natural sources. Combination of sea plant extract, fulvic acids amino acids and secondary nutrients allows 12-4-6 to be an excellent source of elemental nutrition and carbon supplementation. 12-4-6 gives prompt color response, improves root growth, and speeds recovery of damaged turf.

12-4-6 Bio-Based Fertilizer improves turf health by offering the following benefits:

• Provides immediate, long lasting color and controlled growth.
• Chelated nutrients are easily absorbed into plant tissue.
• Biostimulants improve stress and wear tolerance.
• Plant extracts, fulvic acids and amino acids work together to optimize nutrition.
• Balanced nutrient combination and biostimulants work to improve photosynthesis.

3 fl oz = 0.028 lbs N per 1000 sq ft
4 fl oz = 0.037 lbs N per 1000 sq ft
5 fl oz = 0.046 lbs N per 1000 sq ft
6 fl oz = 0.056 lbs N per 1000 sq ft
8 fl oz = 0.074 lbs N per 1000 sq ft

Additional Information

N Per Gallon

1.2 lbs



Weight Per Gallon

10 lbs