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Zeta∡Plex® Potassium

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Product Description

Zeta∡Plex Potassium is a high performance foliar fertilizer, now with a new focused amino acid package for increased nitrogen fixation, chlorophyll production, and energy production.

Safe, reliable nutrients enhanced with a new plant-derived L-amino acid package and patented amino technology. These bioactive ingredients increase nutrient absorption and maximize plant nutrition through the use of low dose applications. L-amino acids work in various pathways to increase nutrient uptake, nutrient transport, and improve plant tolerance of environmental stress.

Zeta∡Plex™ Potassium is a high performance foliar fertilizer that promotes turf health by offering the following advantages:

  • L-amino acids are easily absorbed by plants, enhancing uptake of nutrients and tank mix products.
  • Improves the plant’s ability to create necessary proteins and protein structures.
  • Utilization of L-amino acids allows the plant to conserve energy and strengthen root systems.
  • Provides organic molecules that increase chlorophyll and photosynthesis.
  • Potassium helps build leaf strength and helps the plant maintain proper osmotic relations.
  • Micronutrients enhance plant color and help build proper enzymes.


3 fl oz = 0.036 lbs K per 1000 sq ft
4 fl oz = 0.048 lbs K per 1000 sq ft
5 fl oz = 0.06 lbs K per 1000 sq ft
6 fl oz = 0.072 lbs K per 1000 sq ft
8 fl oz = 0.10 lbs K per 1000 sq ft

Additional Information

K per gallon

1.56 lbs



Weight per Gallon

10.4 lbs