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Foliar-Pak Internship: Digging into the Green Industry

Pedal to the floor, max RPMs, and tires screaming as they roll across the hot Indiana asphalt. These are the sounds of the Indianapolis 500 and the sounds of a Jeep Wrangler attempting to keep up with I-80 traffic on the way to Mendota, IL, home to Foliar-Pak distributor, EnP, and my summer internship.

The EnP Team at work during the Advanced Turf Solutions June Sales Meeting.

When the opportunity for a summer marketing internship with EnP came up earlier in the year, I was ecstatic. Getting an internship as an incoming college junior is rare, but getting an internship that focuses on everything I want in a career is a truly exciting opportunity. So, as my start date crept closer and closer, I became more and more eager to get started with EnP and see what the summer would hold. Well, that day is finally here!

The Xylem Marketing Team and I discussing the details of my internship.

Throughout the summer, I will work with EnP and the Xylem Marketing team on various aspects of marketing from product development and testing to product launch and the entire marketing communications process in between. I’ll even be on the golf course working with superintendents, running product trials, and collecting data. My work this summer will contribute to Foliar-Pak’s marketing research and product development, which will translate to more tools for Foliar-Pak distributors and better products for customers!

This blog post is my introduction, and you’ll hear from me each week on social media. So, send in your photos showing results from Foliar-Pak products or tag @FoliarPak in your posts for a chance to be featured on one of our social media pages. Be sure to follow Foliar-Pak on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and look for posts signed “ST” because those are from me!

I’m having some fun and learning a lot from the pros at the Advanced Turf Solutions June Sales Meeting during one of my first weeks on the internship.

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