Whistle Bear Golf Course

EnP Testimonial: How Zeta Plex Iron made Whistle Bear Golf Club shine for the Manulife LPGA Classic


Superintendent Tom Kinsman tells the story:

Whistle Bear Golf Course

When I started using the EnP Turf program on my greens, it was immediately apparent that the products provided great results, along with benefits that I’ve never noticed from foliar fertilizer products in the past.

So when my rep from OSC Turf, Trevor Hunter, suggested that I use EnP Turf’s new Zeta Plex Iron to add color to my fairways for the ManuLife Classic, I was very intrigued. It was touted as an iron and manganese supplement that is exceptionally chelated. I was not disappointed. The suggested use rate is much lower than most iron products, but the deep green color response was almost immediate. We received many compliments about the way the course looked during the Manulife LPGA Classic. The fairways held great color and I am certain that the way they shined made a big difference.

Superior chelation provides convenience and performance

Since the use rates for Zeta Plex Iron are low, we didn’t have to handle as much product as we normally would. That makes it more convenient and even a little more cost effective. The immediate green color it provided was impressive, however, the longevity of color on those fairways was amazing. They looked great long after the event was over. Zeta Plex Iron is hands down the best iron product I’ve seen. It’ll be part of my fertility programs for a long time.

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