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The Should Be Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Nutrition:

Have you ever asked your sales rep any of these questions? You should.

Should be FAQ #1: Where are your products manufactured?

EnP Turf products are made in the USA at a dedicated facility located in Mendota, Illinois. Our manufacturing facility is located within a strategic proximity to our warehouses and our customers.

Our products are made throughout the year, and they don’t cross international borders. Local manufacturing means our orders are filled more quickly, so we don’t have to stockpile products to get what you need when you need it.

The EnP Turf brand represents quality, and we are proud to say it is made in the USA!

Should be FAQ #2: What else is manufactured in your facility?

EnP Turf products are manufactured by EnP Investments, LLC, a leader in plant nutrition for nearly 30 years. We don’t just specialize in plant nutrition; it’s all we do.

EnP manufactures both liquid and dry fertilizers. Our products are made with high-quality raw materials and supplemented with organic-based nutrients. Ingredients like plant derived amino acids, food-grade polysaccharide sugars and molasses, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the types of materials you will find in our manufacturing facility.

You will never find herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or other chemicals that pose a risk for contamination in our manufacturing facility. Statistically speaking, accidents happen. Even with the strictest processes, you might get one mistake every one million times. Unlike in a facility that manufactures other inputs that are harmful to plants, that one-in-a-million mistake made in our facility won’t cause injury to your turf and plants.

Product performance and safety are important to us, and we don’t take chances with contamination. EnP Turf products will always be made at a dedicated facility that specializes in plant nutrition.

Should be FAQ #3: What is in your products?

EnP Turf products contain quality ingredients including food-grade polysaccharide sugars and molasses, premium cold-pressed seaweed sourced from the coast of Norway, plant-derived L-amino acids, and pharmaceutical grade minerals.

Our standards are high, and every aspect of the product—from the quality and grade of raw ingredients to the actual manufacturing process—undergoes scrutiny. Our stainless steel mixers are cleaned after every batch to ensure that each new batch has precisely what is stated on the label. “Close enough” is not acceptable for EnP Turf.

Whether we’re building the Zeta∡Plex L-amino acid package or creating an enzyme-extracted humic acid packed with beneficial plant metabolites, we are committed to always sourcing, creating, and manufacturing exceptional products from superior raw ingredients. This adherence to quality creates an unparalleled end-user experience.

Should be FAQ #4: What makes you great?

Driven by our passion for innovation and turf research, we have created joint ventures and relationships with some of the most brilliant PhDs in basic-science academia. This allows for an exchange of information between our world of growing turf and their world of science.

Using this diversity and richness of experience and research, and leveraging the decades of combined turfgrass management experience of our distributors, we are able to develop truly unique products from groundbreaking technologies. Because of these technologies, turf managers are able to reduce their inputs—saving money, time, labor, and the planet. We think that makes EnP Turf great!

Should be FAQ #5: How do I know which products to use in my program?

Many fertilizer companies have a “one-program fits all” mentality and suggest cookie cutter nutrient programs without even trying to understand the agronomic objectives, soil conditions, or water quality that make each course unique.

With EnP Turf, sales representatives work with you to create a truly customized program. We do offer program guidelines for many different situations (aeration recovery, sodium remediation, winter prep, and more), but these programs are designed to serve as an outline and starting point.

Our interactive program worksheet and EnP Turf product menu are helpful tools for you and your sales rep to create a fertilizer program that delivers precisely what your turf needs, when it needs it, and in the best plant-available form.

Before you begin, consider your agronomic objectives for this program. Are there any soil or water issues to consider? Nutrient deficiencies? Once you have identified your agronomic objectives and considerations, review the EnP Turf product menu with your sales representative to select the right products for your specific needs.

To build a complete program using the interactive form, select one or more products from each category: Zeta∡Plex Foundation Amino, Zeta∡Plex Amino Minors, Enliven, and Nutri-Synergy. To complete this worksheet from a mobile device, you will need to use a PDF reader app.

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