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Energy 10-0-0: A Great 1, 2 Punch for Spring and Fall

Energy is a great fertility tool to use all season long, although it is especially helpful in the Spring and Fall months. It will help wake up creeping bentgrass, maximize photosynthesis and plant color, when weather conditions are less than favorable. In cooler, cloudier environments Energy also improves plant carbohydrate balance and energy stores.

Energy includes generous levels of gluconate chelated micronutrients to maximize photosynthesis. High Grade natural blackstrap molasses works to supplement carbohydrates to the plant when conditions are less conducive for photosynthesis and natural sugar production.

Energy works to naturally enhance microbial populations. Molasses feeds microbes, whose primary function is reducing cellulose and lignin. Recent research indicates that molasses additions to turf aids in thatch reduction and organic matter decomposition. This leads to higher humus levels and improved soil fertility. Researchers have concluded that molasses additions to the soil environment stimulates bacteria that work to unlock tied up phosphorus as well.

Applications leading into winter dormancy will extend color later into the season, helping the plant build carbohydrate reserves. These stored carbs translate to a stronger plant the following spring. The results are better winter tolerance and quicker green up. The tank mix combination of Energy and Zeta∡Plex™ Complete further improves plant health since the L-amino acids further improve energy balance in the plant. A great 1-2 punch for Spring and Fall.

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