Aeration Recovery Program

Aeration Recovery

Why are lower nitrogen rates important?

Applying high rates of nitrogen can lead to poor turf quality and higher disease incidence. EnP Turf’s aeration recovery nutrient package provides quicker lateral recovery while using lower rates of nitrogen. This program results in less top growth, better green speeds and smoother surfaces during recovery process.

High rates of nitrogen can have a negative impact on rooting, but with the EnP Aeration Program, the plant burns fewer carbohydrates, yielding a positive root growth response. Less nitrogen also means lower disease pressure and healthier turf better able to withstand disease and other environmental pressures.

Penn State University researcher, Mike Fidanza, demonstrated the efficacy of the EnP Aeration Recovery Program. This program results in more rapid closure of core cultivation holes, improved turf recovery and higher quality turf. With the use of this program, nitrogen applications for the purpose of aeration recovery can be considerably reduced or quite possibly eliminated.

EnP Turf Aeration Recovery Program
Apply to greens and tees 3 days prior to aeration and 7 days after aeration

Zeta∡Plex 18-3-4 3-6 oz per 1,000 sq ft
ProVita 3 oz per 1,000 sq ft
Talon 1.5 oz per 1,000 sq ft
Zeta∡Plex Grow 40 1 oz per 1,000 sq ft

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