EnP Turf ™ has had the honor and privilege of building high-quality liquid foliar products for the turf market for almost 30 years.  These products deliver unparalleled results through a unique combination of high-quality nutritional and biostimulant inputs.  Our product line and accompanying programs provide the opportunity for your turf to thrive.  We are proud of our science-based backgrounds and take great pride in developing new products and technologies that materially add benefits to your turf programs.  Both Zeta∡Plex® and EnLiven products are utilized in programs that we develop for use on a variety of intensely maintained turfgrass species and varieties.

Zeta∡Plex® fertilizers have been reformulated with our new, specially engineered amino acid package. Instead of using a set ratio of amino acids, we have built formulations focused on specific amino acids that will maximize the genetic potential of turfgrass. The new Zeta∡Plex® products promote increased photosynthetic efficiency, prolonged life of chloroplasts, and the increased production of anti-stress compounds. In addition to the plant health benefits, trials have shown an increase in the efficiency and uptake of pesticides when tank mixed with Zeta∡Plex® amino acid products.

EnLiven products are a diverse array of fertilizers blended with humic acid, seaweed extract, and other beneficial carbon sources that bring a host of material benefits to the turf.  These benefits include better rooting, enhanced color, improved heat, salt and drought tolerance.  

These two brands are the platforms from which we will continue to build new and exciting products and should hopefully bring clarity to the features and benefits of our products, allowing you to pick the right product for the job.